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man reading KoranIn Indonesia betting on sports competition is not allowed owing to the country’s observance of the Sharia Law. The country being a predominantly Muslim nation does not allow the operation of casinos and sports betting outlets, whether online or offline.

Indonesian Sports Lovers are Into Online Sports Betting

Despite the gambling taboo, many Indonesians are sports lovers who place bets on the results of popular local, regional and international competitions in football, basketball, soccer, futsal, tennis, badminton, cycling and wrestling, They do so out of their desire to enhance the excitement of watching the outcomes of sporting competitions, as they unfold.
The fascination of Indonesians over sports is well documented by the TGM Sports Betting Survey conducted in October 2022. The related survey results showed that about 38,38% of the nation’s population participate in sports betting. While 36.75% of those who engage in sports betting place bets a few times only during a year; some 18.93% of Indonesian sports fans place bets on a weekly basis.
The TGM survey further revealed that of the Indonesian population engaging in sports betting, 33.43% do so out of the desire to win money. Yet a greater portion, 56.43% responded that they enjoy the thrills of watching sports events while having bets placed on the outcome of an ongoing competition.

Indonesian Athletes are Forces to Contend With in International Games

The eagerness of sports fans over various athletic events is mainly because most Indonesian athletes have brought honors to the country. Highly reputed as formidable contenders for championship titles in the Southeast Asian Games (SEA Games), Indonesia is revered as a 10-time overall champion of SEA Games since 1997.man lifting weights

In the weightlifting category, Indonesia’s
Rahmat Erwin Abdullah has set a world record of winning 7 SEAGames championship titles in the men’s 73kg event. Also a 4 time Olympics medalist, Rahmat vows to keep vying for the Olympic Gold medal.