Weightlifting is a discipline in which the goal is to lift a weight from the ground. This can be done with one hand, two hands, or both hands and an implement.

These lifts are typically performed in three phases and they are the Concentric Phase, Eccentric Phase and Maximum Strength Phase.

In the next paragraphs, we are going to briefly check what each phase is about.

Concentric Phase

The first phase of the lift is called the concentric phase. The athlete will contract their muscles to move the weight up towards their body.

Eccentric Phase

The second phase is called the eccentric phase and involves lowering the weight back down again.

Maximum Strength Phase

The final phase is called the maximum strength phase and involves lifting as much weight as possible while pausing at the top of your movement.

These three phases make up every single exercise in your routine, meaning that every single exercise you do will have one of these phases at work.