Learning how to weightlift is not as complicated as many people believe. Weightlifting begins with the basic movement of a squat, which is used as the foundation for all other movements in weightlifting. The squat can be performed without any equipment, but most people use a barbell when training.

Master the Basics

Once you master the squat, you can start adding weights to your back. There are many different ways of holding the barbell on your back, but two popular ones are known as “push press” and “deadlifts”.

Push presses start by holding the barbell at shoulder height and moving it forward over your head in an explosive motion like a straight arm punch (also known as a “clean”). Push presses build strength in your upper body and posterior muscles, while deadlifts focus on strengthening legs and core.

Safety is Paramount

Regardless of what exercise you choose for resistance training, be sure to begin with light weight to avoid injury or discomfort.