Have you ever wondered why there are so many bookmakers and counting? Basically, it’s just a logical consequence of the high and easy sales especially when money is stolen from unsuspecting people.

On the one hand, the bookmakers have a clear advantage with their software analyzes anyway. On the other hand, many beginners always make the same popular mistakes.

Most popular mistakes in sports betting and how to do it better

You play accumulator bets

Accumulator bets are pretty much the classic and if you’ve dabbled in sports betting a bit you’ve probably fallen prey to it.

Even if it is tempting and promises higher winnings, do not combine your bets into a “multiple bet”.

Many beginners cannot resist the lure of lucrative winnings in a combination bet. It is completely forgotten how dramatically high the probability of loss increases. Therefore prefer single bets to combination bets.

You play live bets

In order to earn money with live betting, you need years of experience and a “feel” for profitable situations. The bets on ongoing games are processed within seconds, which means that fast, correct trading is required.

Emotions in particular are a problem with live betting. As a result, inexperienced people in particular are often influenced incorrectly by factors such as momentum, commentator, fans, etc. and no rational decisions are made.

Therefore, as a beginner, do not live bet at all.

Money is gambled away in the casino

Most online bookmakers have a casino offer in addition to their betting offer.

Since the shot at the casino almost always backfires and you lose your money against programmed software or home (บ้านผลบอล) website betting, it is wise to avoid it.

Deposit without bonus offer

There are now hundreds of betting providers, and the trend is rising. Nevertheless, many sports bettors deposit their money again and again with the same “bookie”.

Don’t make the mistake, but wager as many deposit bonuses as possible and increase your betting budget with the free money. Earn as much free money as possible with deposit bonuses.


Bad analysis

Sometimes the gut feeling decides, sometimes a bet from friends or from Facebook betting groups is just randomly replayed!

But even if you conduct a precise self-analysis with a focus on classics, you will lose your money in the long run.

The bookmaker knows statistical data much more precisely and a software calculates the odds.

You only have a potential chance if you have the necessary experience, can calculate so-called “value bets” or use betting strategies.

Therefore, it is essential that you invest enough time in the analysis and absorb as much information as possible.