In order to gain a foothold in a competitive market like the betting industry, it is no longer enough to just launch a website and hope for customers.

It is crucial to stand out from the competition. The recipe for betting platform success is to offer a more fascinating experience than the competition. Your betting platform has to be more engaging and more fun than with the competition. It has to impress with its simplicity.

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Marketing & Customer communication

Due to the steadily growing range of betting platforms, customer expectations of products, functions and services have increased and changed considerably. The customer demands added value that goes beyond the conventional market offer.

Successful advertising cannot do without directed communication customers. It is important to know the needs and demands of the customers and to align marketing measures consequently. In addition to suitable promotions campaigns, the user experience on the betting platform can also be used here in a targeted way. Furthermore, high-quality support and customer service plays a crucial role in terms of the perceived trustworthiness and professionalism of a platform.


The simpler and more intuitive a betting product and the associated processes, the higher the approval among betting clients. As betting on the smartphone has established itself already in most countries, placing bets spontaneously and quickly is essential.


The fun and game factor has long been ignored in the betting industry. For the vast majority of betting customers, betting platforms only differ in their color. For the younger target group as well as for newbies and hobby gamers to sports betting, however, the focus is clearly on having fun in betting.

Therefore, gamification is an extremely imperative and successful methods of acquiring players. Betting on your own platform just has to be more fun than betting with the competition. On the one hand, this is a good tool for diversification. On the other hand, it creates additional betting stimulus.


To stand out from the competition with better odds is particularly difficult for smaller, regionally active betting providers.

Due to the lower turnover, a betting provider is often not in a position to provide “better” odds without defying high losses. Especially in the online section, professional bettors are very motivated to profitably exploit the variances in odds between providers.

If, due to the size of your company, you are able to provide more striking odds, it is essential to use this tool with caution.