Weightlifting had its first World Championship in 1891, and since 1896, with occasional gaps, it has been a part of the Olympic Games schedule. The World Championship and the European Championship are the most significant events outside of the Olympic Games, and weightlifting betting is authorized on all three of these competitions. 


H2H bet

This type of bet requires the bettor to predict which of the two weightlifters will finish the competition in a higher position. It is not advised to bet on favorites at low odds, instead pick a lifter who is lower in classification but has a good chance of defeating an opponent.


Betting the Winner

The most common bets on a bar being lifted overhead. Players must successfully anticipate who will win the competition thus, it needs extensive knowledge and judgment on the part of the gambler.


Bet on the Top 3 

Here, it is not required to be so exact for the bettor to succeed. Their favorite or pick simply needs to finish in the top three. However, it will be far more advantageous to bet on a weightlifter who isn’t competing as the favorite but who, in your opinion, has a chance of emerging as the competition’s “black horse.”